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What is Executive Decision Maker (Magnetic Decision Maker)?

As any high-powered executive knows, decision-making can be a complicated, difficult process. The Executive Decision Maker (Magnetic Decision Maker) will help simplify your life, making decisions quick and easy! Ask it a question, give the ball a little push and it will move around the field until it stops at its final destination - the ultimate decision. It's time to add this elegant executive toy, resplendent in gleaming chrome, to your power desk collection.

What is Magnetic Decision Maker?
Magnetic Decision Maker is an entertainment product that assists users in making decisions. The principle is to use the magnetic attraction to the iron ball to fix the position. The base is 4-6 neodymium magnets evenly arranged in a circle, with different action guides printed above each magnet. An iron pendulum ball is hung on it with iron wire, and the user swings the pendulum ball to swing in a circle. With the air resistance and the frictional force of the pendulum suspension, the iron ball will eventually stop randomly above a magnet. Prompt to make a decision. Of course, this is just an entertainment decompression product, and in the end, you have to make a rational decision on your own.

magnetic decision maker,decision maker,decision make toy,decision maker ball

magnetic decision maker,decision maker,decision make toy,decision maker ball

What is Decision Maker Ball?
The Decision Maker Ball is fixed on the slide rail of the alloy base by a large size alloy ball and a circle of small iron balls. The friction between the ball and the ball is the smallest among all shapes. The large ball has a relatively large weight. When rotating, the inertia can drive the small ball below to roll in the slide rail for a relatively long time, and it can roll for about ten seconds. The base is marked with one-by-one decision prompts along the circumference. One of the small balls is a special color, so the position where the small ball stops is to prompt you to make a decision. Every time you rotate the big ball, the red The balls will randomly stop at a certain position. This Decision Maker Ball is very interesting, all-metal material, high-quality texture.
magnetic decision maker,decision maker,decision make toy,decision maker ball

Magnetic Decision Maker and Decision Maker Ball are great ornaments to use at home, office and bar.


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