Magnetic Fidget Pen

Magnetic Fidget Pen is a amazing pen that can be a magnetic building toy

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Magnetic Fidget Pen is a amazing pen that can be a magnetic building toy. 

The refill is an ordinary gel pen. The pen tube is made of a series of rare earth magnet rings. Each piece can be separated from each other and attracted together by the strong magnetism of the magnet itself. It can be used as an ordinary writing pen at ordinary times. In casual occasions, you can remove the pen barrel section by section, and build a combination according to your mood and the various small steel balls that come with the set to form a three-dimensional shape. It has good playability and can be made into a small desktop ornament. Lightweight and easy to carry.

The metal texture is strong, and the magnetic force of the magnet makes the pen full of magic. It also comes with a capacitive tip that can be used on touch screens on smartphones and tablets.

Magnetic Fidget Pen consist of:

Item name Quantity
Neodymium Magnet tube sections 14
Large size steel balls 3
Middle size steel balls 8
Small size steel balls 19
Clip 1
Refill 5
Gel pen caps 2
Touch screen tips 2
Gel pen point tube 1

Dailymag manufacture 4 different colour of Magnetic Fidget Pen toy sets.

1. Multi-Colour   2. Silver  3. Black 4. Gold

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