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What is Magnetic Plush Toy, Plush Fridge Magnet?

Magnetic plush toy is a three-dimensional plush fridge magnet toy. Made of plush fabric, padding and multiple ceramic magnets. Generally, the shapes of animals are mostly, and there will be magnets fixed on the head and the soles of the four corners. The 5 magnets can firmly attract the plush toy to the refrigerator or the iron door. The plush texture is more flattering, and people are happy to stick the magnetic plush toy in a prominent position.
Magnetic plush toys are often used for customized promotions, or as souvenirs.magnetic plush toy,plush toy,plush fridge magnet,magnetic plush animal,animal magnet for fridge

Our company is specialized in producing Magnetic Toys. This Mini Magnetic Plush Toy can be attached to all of the metal surfaces.

Magnetic Plush Toys can be a decoration doll as well as a lovely fridge magnet. It is suitable for both children and adults to show their creativity by playing this magnetic toy.

Different designs and colors are available. Customized designs are also welcome.

Client's logos are welcome.

If you are interested in this product, please let me know.

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