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Magnetic fridge magnets are fun and cheap magnetic crafts.

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fridge magnet,refrigerator magnet,car magnet,magnetic book mark

Magnetic refrigerator magnets (fridge magnet) are handicrafts composed of a colored printed paper or 3D colored material and a piece of rubber magnet or ceramic magnet. The main function is to decorate the refrigerator, and they also have the function of sticky notes for taking notes. Now they are mainly used for commemorative purposes, such as local special refrigerator magnets brought to tourist attractions, magnetic refrigerator magnet photo frames that can be placed in photos, Promotional refrigerator magnets advertised by merchants. Numerous beautifully printed and cute refrigerator magnets are used to decorate refrigerators, bookshelves or doors and iron cabinets.
In addition, refrigerator magnets have also developed the category of car magnets. Generally, a large piece of rubber magnet is affixed with a color-printed PVC sheet, which is printed with company information for signboards, or advertised for publicity. Car magnets are very popular now. The PVC material is waterproof, so it can be used outdoors.

Magnetic refrigerator magnets are classified as:
1) Magnetic refrigerator magnet: It is made of the soft glue magnet below + the color printing peritoneum of the coated paper above.
2) Thermometer refrigerator stickers: use the soft glue magnet below + the four-color printing and laminating film of the coated paper above + thermometer.
3) Magnetic bookmark: It is made by folding the soft glue magnet below (for magnetic attraction) + the four-color printing peritoneum on the coated paper above.
4) Magnetic message board Whiteboard: soft glue magnet (or cardboard) + coated paper four-color printing and laminating film + erasable pen.
5) Magnetic photo frame: The peritoneum is color-printed with soft glue magnet mounted on coated paper, and the photo frame is punched in the middle. Or make photo frames of various materials such as double-layer photo frames, PVC photo frames, cardboard photo frames and so on according to customer requirements.
6) Magnetic note pad: Use the soft glue magnet below + the four-color printing lamination film on the upper coated paper + note pad, or a separate note pad for convenience.
7) Magnetic jigsaw puzzle (cardboard jigsaw puzzle): It is made by using the soft glue magnet below (or cardboard greyboard paper) + the four-color printing laminating film on the upper coated paper, and punching the puzzle pieces required for the design in the middle.
8) PVC Soft Adhesive Refrigerator Magnet: The front of the PVC soft adhesive refrigerator magnet is made of PVC soft adhesive, and the back is pasted with soft magnets or magnets.
9) Tinplate refrigerator magnet: It is made of four-color printing paper wrapping process + plastic magnetic sheet.
10) Epoxy refrigerator magnet: It is made of soft glue magnet below + color printing of coated paper above + glue peritoneum.

fridge magnet,refrigerator magnet,car magnet,magnetic book markfridge magnet,refrigerator magnet,car magnet,magnetic book mark

How to DIY a fridge magnet by yourself?
For ordinary 2D refrigerator magnets, you can design your own patterns or photos, print them out with a color laser printer, and then stick the paper on a rubber magnetic sheet with 3M double-sided tape, and choose a rubber magnetic sheet with a thickness of 0.5-1mm. After pasting, cut with a utility knife. If it is a complex shape, you need to manually cut it with scissors, so it is done.
3D refrigerator magnets, including badges, ceramics, stones or special items with commemorative significance, polish the back to a flat thickness and stick it on a rubber magnetic sheet with 3M double-sided tape. If the thing is thicker, you can buy a ceramic with a stronger magnetic force Magnets, discs or squares with a thickness of 3-5mm, and then stick the items on the ceramic magnet with glue. After the glue is dry, it can be attached to the refrigerator.

fridge magnet,refrigerator magnet,car magnet,magnetic book mark
fridge magnet,refrigerator magnet,car magnet,magnetic book markfridge magnet,refrigerator magnet,car magnet,magnetic book mark

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