Luxury Popular 120pcs Magnetic Tile Toy set

Deluxe Magnetic Tile Playset, 120pcs jumbo set

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What is Dailymagic 120pcs Magnetic Tile set package?

The Dailymagic 120pcs Magnetic Tile set package is a luxury magnteic building tile toy set that includes: 32 squares + 4 L shapes + 8 arched doors + 8 windows + 16 right triangles + 24 equilateral triangles + 4 small rectangles + 4 fence shapes + 6 long triangles + 8 H shapes + 4 sectors + 1 big block + 1 magnetic cart

This is a plastic magnetic building toy with various shapes and rich colors. There are 6-8 ceramic magnets in a magnetic tile, the magnetic force is evenly distributed, the fit between the blocks is more firm, and it can be easily built into a tower with more than 15 floors . It is very suitable for younger children to play. The size of a single piece is generally 7.5x7.5cm, which will not be swallowed by mistake. The plastic sheet is welded by ultrasonic integration to firmly seal the small magnet, which is safe and reliable. Pass the 2 meter drop test.

Due to the use of ceramic magnets, the magnetic force will not be too strong and will not affect electronic equipment.

However, we still recommend that children under the age of 5 play together with an adult. Although the ultrasonically welded plastic parts are relatively strong, there is still a certain risk of being trampled by children. If the plastic part breaks or the magnet falls out, immediately discard the broken tile along with the magnet. The product material is environmentally friendly and will not damage the environment.

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