Dailymagic 60pcs Magnetic Tile Toy set

Featured 60pcs portable set magnetic tile toy

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Dailymagic 60pcs Magnetic Tile Toy set:

16 squares + 2 L shapes + 4 arched doors + 4 windows + 8 right triangles + 12 equilateral triangles + 2 small rectangles + 2 fence shapes + 4 long triangles + 4 H shapes + 2 sectors

Although the number of 60pcs is half of that of 120pcs set, but there are still 11 kinds of shapes, this set is especially suitable for young children or children who are new to this kind of toys. It is convenient for children to recognize basic shapes and distinguish different colors. Then, most of the simple shapes can be built. When the child is a little older, you can add new suits to him, which can be stacked to form more complex and larger shapes.
With a weight of a little more than 3 pounds, the color box is also more compact and easy to carry. It can be taken to school, outings and outdoor play.
The price of the product is only half of the 120ocs set, which is a good choice for bulk gifts and business promotions.

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